Kek Buah Kukus PRUN KRANBERRI | 1 box of 710g

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Kek Buah Kukus Plum, a delectable delicacy prepared from dried plums and cranberries, is a favourite because to its low wheat content, soft cake texture, reduced sweetness, moist, buttery scent, and lack of greasy properties.


Refrigeration is not required. This cake needs to be kept somewhere cool and dry.


Kek Buah Kukus Plum is shipped to you in a nice package and is ready to eat.


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Information about the cake

Weight: 710g per box

Ingredients: Dry Plum and Cranberry, Flour, Salted Butter, Egg, Sugar, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream Tartar and Vanilla Essene

Allergens: Eggs

Shelf life: 8 months, and we prepare them daily, so you always get fresh cakes.