Certification : HALAL (Jakim) MeSTI (K.K.M) MYFOOD TAG (K.K.M)


You can enjoy Kek Buah Kukus Asmara with complete assurance because it is made in accordance with the regulations of the relevant agencies and ministries, including each step of the manufacturing process.


Before starting work at Asmara Delights (M) Sdn Bhd, all of our employees must have typhoid shots from a government-recognized health centre in order to maintain high standards for their health. To guarantee that the criteria of the Halal policy are met, they should also adhere to the code of conduct and sanitary standards. In the area where food is produced, smoking, eating, drinking, and any other activity that can contaminate food are not permitted.


At Asmara Delights (M) Sdn Bhd, the safety of every product we create comes first. Every material goes through a careful safety and quality inspection. Our staff members have received training in maintaining standards for food safety and quality control. We collaborate with suppliers to guarantee that the ingredients used in our menu adhere to high standards for food safety.


We have a broader understanding of the Halal idea than just baking cakes. It encompasses every step of the entire process, from providing amiable service to making sure the location is kept tidy. We also make sure that other standards are followed, such as MESTI, a system that guarantees that no particular product will be harmful to the consumer when consumed.